Minerva's Restaurant

1901 9th Ave SE

Watertown, SD



starstarstarhalf starno star 3.7/5 with 12 votes
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December 30, 2011 starstarno starno starno star
Expensive, long waits with no crowd, coffee refills unheard of, brunch buffet extremely small. Had a banquet there and that was worse, with the music from a wedding danced piped into our room, podium was in middle of long room with 20% of tables behind the speaker. Servers forgot to serve a table, some tables got buns, some not, some got salad dressing some not.
April 21, 2011 starstarstarstarno star
All things considered, this is the best restaurant in Watertown. The food is good and the atmosphere is calm. Applebee‘s has good food too but the seating is cramped and it‘s usually noisy inside. I also have to say good things about Guadalajara‘s. Minerva‘s is more expensive but sometimes you get what you pay for.
December 8, 2010 starstarno starno starno star
The Sunday Brunch is now cheaper, but not much there. Waited long periods of time for coffee refill, when there was only about 10 tables total in use.
April 18, 2009 starstarstarstarstar
Great food and service. Fantastic wine list and several good beers on tap. A bit more expensive, but experience was worth it.
January 6, 2008 starstarstarstarno star
This is a very good restaurant The service is good and so is the food! Would recommend the Sunday Brunch. A little pricey but still good food.
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